Friday, 20 March 2009

Prelim task

Friday, 6 March 2009

Final cut

this is our final cut of our project:

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images from our opening sequence.

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screen grabs, to show

this is to show how we ended it. the fades and the transition.

This is to show our editing, how we've edited our footage together. ie. fades, music ect

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editing on the final.

From our rough cut to our final, we have changed the brightness and the contrast of basicly all the images to make the mainly darker to get the old stereotypical view of English life, (gritty).

Also we have got sound. we made a quite upbeat soundtrack to contrast with the slow paced video, it goes against conventions but we feel that it works well and fits together nicely.

We put on a nice fade on most of the clips to make the transition better.

We also made a black screen that goes after the ident, which is convention to have in a social realist drama. It make the view antisipate the film.

Put differant names as the Director, Producer, editing and sound because it made it feel less like a home made film it gave it an edge.

As you can see we only made suttel differeces to our filming and editing, but it makes it look much better.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

an update

We have now completely finished filming for our project (even though we got off to a slow start) and we are well into the editing process.

We filmed the kitchen scenes in a kitchen and we filmed the other scenes showing the boy being alone in college as we believed that the college would be a natural, believable place to show his isolation and we would be able to take advantage of the college environment to show this.

The editing process is going well with no major problems, as special effects obviously aren't a major convention of a British Social Realist drama. We have also begun creating the sound for our project and that should be completed soon.

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Friday, 27 February 2009

rough cut

this is our rough cut:

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Test Footage

this is our test footage!

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Target Audience

Target audience:

We have decided that our target audience for our film opening will be people in their late teens and twenty's. The reason that we chose this age group is that we think they are the people who would understand the film opening a lot better than people under or over the age group. Also This is the age group that could most relate to the characters involved in our opening sequence. For example, our protagonist is shown as a 'loner' in society who regularly gets picked on. People in their late teens and twenty's can relate to this as bullying often goes on in secondary school, and these people are more likely to remember. Our target audience is not a mainstream audience, as a British Social Realist drama would be shown in smaller independent cinemas. The story of this film would not suit mainstream cinemas.

  • Toast
  • Marmite
  • Table
  • Table cloth
  • Toaster
  • Milk
  • Kitchen utensils

  • Grimy road
  • Someones kitchen

  • One boy (Protagonist)
  • Group of chavs (5-10)
  • Mother?
  • Father?

  • Protagonist -- Tatty, Average teenage clothes
  • Chavs -- Trackies, Hoodies, Caps

Risk Assessment:

Call sheet:

We will be filming on Monday 23 February in a location we haven't decided.
We will be filming in the afternoon, from about two o'clock until it gets dark (about 5).
All members of our group will be needed for this duration and also our actors, although maybe they will only be needed at the end as that is only a part of our film.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blog Feedback.


  • Very Well Organised
  • Given Lots of pictures and videos to go with the writing
  • Good demonstrations of ideas for ident
  • I like the way you have made the company production thing. (pictures)
  • Detailed pictures
  • Good effort, taking nice pictures of set
  • Mood board was brilliant! shows exactly what mood you want it in.


  • No dates and times of shooting
  • Needs more writing
  • Only one analysis (WRONG WE HAVE TWO)
  • Music is derivative.

What will we do in response to this?

  • We will input our dates and times of recording.
  • We will write more in our blog.
  • We will make sure our music isn't derivative.

Why is it essential for us to receive feedback?

It is essential for us to receive feedback, because we can improve our planning grade, also it will keep us organized so we know what we are doing.

How does our current blog compare to our thriller blogs?

Our current blog is a lot more detailed than our thriller blog, it has a lot more images and analysises. we have managed to receive better feedback. we have a better idea of what we are going to do in our final shooting.

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Friday, 30 January 2009

animatic feedback

we got some positive and negative feedback on our animatic. This is what we got;
*well planned
*music fitted well
*like the title, fits the film very well
*maybe a little bit to fast not much time to take in information and picture evaluation

we will take on this feedback when we got to film and shot footage.

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this is our final animatic that we have made to represent our social realist drama opening.
we came up with our name from a random word generator. The word 'EVANESCE' mean;

evanesce |ˌevəˈnes|
verb [ intrans. ] poetic/literary
pass out of sight, memory, or existence.
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Latin evanescere, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out of’ + vanus ‘empty.’

which fits our film genre and synopsis of the film very well, because the main boy is a loner and he is 'passed out of sight, memory and existence'.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

council house

This is the kind of houses and feel that we want to achieve from our opening sequence.

these houses look like there are run down and they are owned by the group of people that we are trying t relate to.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone is a big inspiration to the genre of "Social Realism".

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Mood Board

This is our mood board.
These are the ideas that we have of what moods we want to achieve in our opening sequence.

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Analysis of film openings 2.

This opening to the film "This is England" shows images of real British events that occurred at the time that the film is set. This open sequence shows us that the film is going to be political by the video clips that are shown. It tells us that there are going to be issues of race, social groups and violence. The fact that the images are mostly documentary style clips suggests that the film could be in the genre of social realism, as a convention of social realism is to film with naturalistic documentary/hand held-style recording.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Analysis of film openings.

This is the opening sequence of Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, 1996).

From the begginning of this sequence you can tell that it is a social realist drama, this is because of the mise-en-scene; the clothes that the characters are wearing are plain and old, whilst they are running, (from what looks like the police) stolen possesions are falling from them.
we can also see that it is a social realist drama becasue of the use of drugs and there views on there own lifes. For example they use Class A drugs without hesitation and the film focuses on the consequences of drug taking, something a mainstream Hollywood film would not focus on.
There is little or no editing (Fades, Dissolves) in the sequence which is typical to social realist dramas as they aim to be simplistic.
The lighting is naturalistic which is a convention of social realism films which shows us that the film will be in this genre.

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Synopsis of Idea.

Our opening sequence will be in the genre of socialist realist drama.
The sequence will be about a young boy and his struggle to find himself in society. He is a bit of a loner and doesn't have any friends or a specific social group he belongs to and later on in the film he tries to find his group by getting in with the wrong crowd, doing drugs and committing crimes etc.
The sequence will show him in his house getting ready for school, eating breakfast going by his normal life. On his way to school he gets harassed by a group of boys and this is the beginning of showing that he has trouble making friends and doesn't have a group he belongs to.

There will be naturalistic lighting in our sequence and it will be filmed in an estate sort of area.
The props that will be used will be chosen carefully to represent the style and mood that we are focused on. For example: a scruffy table cloth, dirty cutlery, shabby clothes, messy house. Using these props we will be able to emphasize the fact that this character is not wealthy.

Maybe having a monologue at the beginning with the little boy talking about his life, then as he walks outside it goes off and its him being harassed.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Scene analysis

The title sequence I will be analysing is the social realist drama 'This Is England' directed by Shane Meadows.
The title sequence in this film shows video clips, like videos that would have been shown in the news. You can tell that all of these video images were from and or represent the eighties, so this shows the audience that the film is going to be set in the eighties. It shows video clips of working class areas, such as council flats and estates which feature many conventions of a working class area, such as graffiti. Another main feature of this title sequence is politics, as there is repeated imagery of Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands war. This suggests that the film is going to be based on politics. It also features the British flag numerous times and shows clips of race riots, which shows that racism will also feature in the film, tied in with the political aspect. Finally, the music shows us that the film will be about the eighties as it is a ska/two-tone song which was very popular in that time. All of these features give us an overview that the film will be an accurate and political, maybe even controversial portrayal of the theme that the director is trying to reach.


Friday, 16 January 2009

Final cut Animation

This is our final iDent, we found our soundtrack from a website called Because we didn't think any of the sound effects on the CD'S matched our piece.

We had a bit of trouble making the track fit but we managed to in the end.

This is some of the production logos that inspired us to create ours in the way we did:

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Definitons and Conventions

Social Realist Drama (British):

These films are representative of real life. They are generally based around political or social issues and are also set around the working class. They are usually set in cities or neighbourhoods and a main aspect of these films is community. The characters are usually from bad backgrounds and are fighting for something better for their lives, something that they strongly believe in.

This is an example of naturalistic lighting, used in the British Social Drama film, This Is England.

Crime Caper:

There is usually a leader of a group with an ensemble cast and the narrative is usually based around money and drugs. The crime is usually represented as sophisticated. In these films the consequences of crimes are never seen and they are usually set in cities and they focus on the side of crime that makes it appealing.


The main character of an adventure film is usually in the title of the film as they are the main character. The main character is often young and during the film they are presented with their fear and they have to overcome it. In these films there is a clear good vs evil divide and the evil character is often very different. There are a lot of special effects used in these films and they are set in an unfamiliar environment to the audience and the characters. This helps the film of isolation and also adults are represented as not understanding or believing the children that are in the fantasy.

Teenage Romantic Comedy:

There are lots of stereotypes in these films, for example the unpopular geek, the rich and attractive girl and the male jock. The scenes in these films are humorous which are relatable but they are often far-fetched. There is usually some sort of a 'makeover' scene whereby the unpopular cool person becomes more attractive. There is a large group of characters and humiliation is a main feature in these films. The relationships are based on hetrosexual relationships and the ending always ends happily.

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This is what our animated sequence looks like as a rough cut:

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These are the step by step screen shots to show how we animated our production company logo.

This shows how we used fades in our animation and how we laid it out.

This is the frame and the "Broken Robot" that we chose.

This is the same as above but with our company name.

This is what our animation looked like when we finished using the animated slides.

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First steps.

We started to look at ideas for a company logo in our first lesson of the project. We came up with the idea of "Broken Robot". We thought it was a catchy and memorable name.
We had an initial idea of the layout of the logo. We got a picture of our robot from Google, and decided to stick with the picture.

We edited it with Final Cut Express and we added fades and moving effects to improve the look of our final piece.

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Friday, 28 November 2008